1691 White Rock Rd NW, Floyd, VA 24091, US

About Us

The Sage Carpentry crew (missing two critical characters from the picture below) has evolved quite naturally over the past six years. We started as one, David Partington, who moved to the area in 1998 and was hired as an individual to help folks participate in building their own homes. Local carpenters were hired for periods of time to facilitate the completion of these projects. In the process a network of talented craft men and appreciative personal relationships developed. The growing company embraced many passions besides building. There was the owner of a local Inn, accomplished musicians, a chemist and a subsistence farmer, among others, who filled out our ranks as Sage Carpentry became more in demand. A business model took shape that gave the employees maximum flexibility to satisfy their other involvements including parenthood. This particular aspect of the company has provided our clients with a crew that is always happy to be on site working on their home. This is a common observation expressed by our clients in regards to the crew. It is the enthusiasm, diligence and consideration of Sage employees that make for a special project whether it is a new home or a small repair. Give us a try.

We can't forget the family members that offer constant support and inspiration!


Design/build  most anything you can imagine from your dream home to a practical toolshed or whimsical tree house.

Green designs, consultations and materials.

Renovations and restorations.

Repair work large and small.

Cabinetry and specialty finish work.

Commercial interiors and exteriors.

Interior and exterior painting.

REFERENCES: Out respect for the privacy of my past clients, references will be supplied upon request.